Month: June 2015

fish tacos

rockfish tacos with cortido, cukes and cotija cheese

Taco Tuesday! A few weeks ago at the farmers market, we were on the hunt for fresh fish. There’s always frozen and smoked salmon available, as well as locally farmed oysters. But I was having a hankering for fish tacos. We spotted a neon poster board sign written with thick black permanent marker. Fresh rockfish $9/pound. The farmer led us to an open Igloo cooler packed with ice and started rummaging around, showing us different packages of fresh fish. This fish. He paused, balancing the clear zip-lock plastic bag in his hand, thinking and recalling. Hmm. Yep. This fish was caught three days ago. It’s one of the things I love most about the farmers markets. Unless you plan to grow and harvest vegetables yourself, or catch and filet your own fish from the water, this is the freshest you’ll find. (I’ve been given steep discounts because the arugula was four days old. I would have happily paid full price for something that, in my mind, was still fresher than I would find anywhere else.) At …

meatless tikka masala

vegan cranberry bean and summer greens tikka masala

This recipe should also be known as what I did with the random assortment of leftovers in my fridge. Every once in a while when I am feeling overwhelmed and uninspired, I turn to cookbooks and blogs for recipes and meal plans. Most of the time, though, I listen to Craig and to what my body (and my mind and my soul) need and crave. I find inspiration in the fresh ingredients at the market. I rarely go with a shopping list and instead piece together meals as I pick out raw ingredients. Sometimes I have a very general outline — I need greens, beans, herbs, mushrooms. Sometimes a whole chicken. Sometimes not. It can be difficult to cook this way. I know not everyone has the time or the interest to cook this way. And, I’ll admit, I still struggle with leftovers and reducing waste. Sometimes I get an idea and then it doesn’t work. Sometimes a recipe needs to be tweaked multiple times, but I still need to get dinner ready and on …

gluten free cake with cherries and rhubarb

gluten-free cherry rhubarb cake with buttery, crunchy pecan crumble

Do you say pee-can or puh-kahn? Growing up in the Midwest, it was always the latter. Then, I moved to Georgia and started working at a few farmers markets. I found myself settling into a subtle Southern drawl (to this day, I still greet most folks with a cheerful “hi, y’all”). With the territory, and probably also thanks to the peach and pecan farmers down the way, I started saying “pee-can”. I still say it this way. It’s a hard habit to shake. The pecans I used in this recipe, like the pronunciation, are all the way from Georgia. I bought a huge bag at the farmers market last year and squirreled them away in my freezer. I couldn’t bear to part with them so, like the squid ink, these nuts made the 2,600-mile trip across the country with us. I have a confession. I had never eaten rhubarb before creating this recipe. Its appearance was always so fleeting, and I never spotted it at farmers markets in Atlanta. Even if I had seen it, …