Month: February 2017

roasted chopped potatoes

it was always you

This is a love letter. An ode, if you will. A potat-ode. Douglas Adams apparently once said, “It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problem just with potatoes.” I beg to differ. Over the years, favorite foods have come and gone. (Brussels sprouts are still holding strong.) But potatoes were a constant. Twice-baked. Scalloped. Mashed, of course. Salt-roasted. Baked and buttered, or loaded with bacon, scallions and sour cream. Fries, wedges, chips. Tots. Pureed with leeks and cream for soup. Hash browns. Home fries. So many options. All of them a favorite. When I was much younger, French fries were my vehicle of choice to consume as much ketchup as possible. (There’s another favorite, for you.) Having Celiac makes enjoying potatoes more difficult. While potatoes are inherently safe (as long as nothing is added), fryers shared with breaded items make enjoying deep-fried potatoes difficult. When I find a restaurant with a dedicated potato-only fryer and Belgian-style frites on the menu, I guarantee that I will eat an entire order. By. My. …