Month: March 2019

Shandies on table with orange segments and beer cans

mandarin & ginger winter citrus shandy

Guess who’s back. Back again. (If you didn’t start singing along in your head, or at least immediately recognize that song, we probably can’t be friends. Kidding. I’m kiiiidding. Kinda.) But here I am! Back again! To the blog. Da blahg. This cozy little corner of mine where I talk to myself but pretend I’m talking to you, my invisible internet friends, who may or may not be reading. (Here’s also where I try to convince myself that this is somehow wildly different from — and a totally normal adult thing to do — the stuffed animal tea parties I had as a girl. It’s ’cause you’re not imaginary … right?) My rampant perfectionism, which can be both motivating and crippling (usually one or the other but sometimes both at the same time which is … uncomfortable, to say the least), has kept me away from this space because I haven’t wanted to share what I felt were mediocre photos or recipes. But it hasn’t kept me from learning, experimenting, playing, and challenging myself. I’ve …

Grapefruit shandy with meyer lemonade

grapefruit ipa shandy with tarragon meyer lemonade (and gin!)

This is a love story. I am OBSESSED with grapefruit. It all started with one of my favorite scented candles, Paddywax’s salted grapefruit. And then there was soap, lip balm … even a grapefruit-scented household cleaner! And, of course, my near daily early-winter ritual of snacking on a grapefruit sliced in half and sprinkled generously with coarse, crunchy sea salt (preferably Jacobsen’s vanilla bean salt, because that pop of vanilla is perfection). So, it was a great surprise that I did not initially like Ghostfish Brewing’s multiple-award-winning Grapefruit IPA. Even as a fan of bitter foods and beverages (arugula, Brussels sprouts, espresso, etc.), this one was just too bitter for me. It’s pungent, with more notes of grapefruit pith than peel or fruit. But my palate (along with EVERYTHING. ELSE. in my life) has changed dramatically over the last few years (was once a sweet-white-wine-only kinda girl, now I drink reds on the reg), so I definitely appreciate and enjoy this beer more than I used to. I wanted to find a way to love this …

Pomelo juice in glass

blood orange & pomelo pale ale shandy

“Hello, Vegas? Yeah. We would like some more alcohol. And you know else? We would like some more beers.” My name is Sara, and I am constantly quoting episodes of FRIENDS. This one is  from “The One in Vegas: Part 2” but really it should be titled, “The One Where Rachel Looks Like Pancho Villa.” Or, “The One Where Rachel Has a Moustache.” Or, “The One with All the Beers.” Or, “The One with Mr. Rachel.” Anyway. I digress. But it’s only because I’m here with more beer. (See what I did there?) I’d say that I saved the best for last, but honestly … I love them all. Every time I tried a new one, or made one again (to photograph or just to enjoy), I’d say “Oh yes, this one is my favorite.” But then I said it for all of them! Truly though, this one is so fun! It’s a great color, has such an interesting flavor, and features one of my new favorite citrus fruits: pomelo. You know (or you should …