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salmon patties with aioli

salmon potato patties with horseradish and chive aioli

There’s a longstanding argument in my family: whether salmon patties should or should not (and, also, do or do not) include onions. (Spoilers: Mine do. Sorry Dad.) The argument dates back, I think, to when my grandparents were first dating. My grandfather was a southern boy and to him salmon patties required just two ingredients: salmon and saltine crackers. The first time my great-grandmother invited him to dinner, she crafted an elaborate but comforting meal including macaroni and cheese and salmon patties. Salmon patties with onions. My mother and father have been arguing, playfully, for years. My father is adamant that there are no onions in salmon patties. My mother, who makes them, contends with absolutely certainty that she does, in fact, put onion in the patties. When I first started cooking, I made an elaborate version of salmon patties with lime zest, dill and scallions. After going gluten-free, I couldn’t make the traditional patty held together with saltine crackers and dusted in all purpose flour. I discovered that mashed potatoes made an excellent binder …