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squid ink pizza

squid ink pizza with homemade ricotta, smoked salmon and a lemony brussels sprouts salad

Salty. Like the sea. Craig was standing behind me, watching as I prepared potatoes for dinner. Red skins scrubbed, diced and in a pot covered with cold water. Set on the stove, I sprinkled in a generous pinch of salt. “You use more salt than I do.” I turned to look at him. Salty, I said. You want the water to taste salty like the sea. The squid ink was a gift to him for Valentine’s Day, with a hand-crank pasta machine. And then the jar sat, intimidating in its dark simplicity, in our refrigerator. It was the one thing from our fridge that traveled with us across the country when we moved from Atlanta to Seattle. The ink is the darkest black I’ve ever known. It’s too difficult to describe the darkness in that jar, other than to simply say it was inky. Even that is a misnomer. It was thick, thicker than I was really anticipating. I thought of the ink in a pen but this is viscous, like molasses but less sticky, …