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my farmers market haul

my recent market hauls

It might be a surprise, but I don’t go to the farmers market every weekend. Sometimes, my shopping trips are so fruitful, they feed us for more than a week. Sometimes, I have a hankering for tuna melts (my husband makes the best ever) or the Thai restaurant in our building. (The scents of Thai cooking and deep-fried spring rolls waft through our apartment every day, and sometimes our bellies follow our noses and give in to takeout.) This is a few weeks worth of trips. I meant to share my first haul with you weeks ago (when I actually went to the market), but I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately — autumn rolled in and brought with it allergies and a lingering head cold which sapped all of my motivation. This is what I bought, and how I used these ingredients to craft meals and explore new recipes and ideas. Sunday, September 27 Wow! It really has been a minute. I’m sorry I didn’t share this beautiful bounty with you sooner. …

sweet peppers in season

the first of fall

Just like that, it’s October. It seemed like summer was just swept out from underneath me. In a whirlwind three months — from late April through early August — we planned our wedding, got married, and had our honeymoon (surprisingly, it was our first full vacation together). We left Washington at the beginning of August when the breeze was still soft and warm and the sun’s last light didn’t fade until 10 p.m. (or later). Then we spent 10 days in hot, humid Hawaii. When we got home, it was fall already. We’ve been slow to get back into the swing of things, riding the euphoria of being newlyweds. The wedding and the honeymoon are over, but there’s still plenty on our to-do lists. Thank you notes, announcements, ordering pictures and the mind-boggling demanding process of changing a name. This is my favorite time of year. It is so full. Of nostalgia and potential; one season overlapping with the next. Early fall is so abundant in all things that it feels decadent, almost sinful. Though …