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sweet potato risotto

grain-free sweet potato “risotto” with bacon-wrapped squash

I have a confession. I have never made an actual risotto. OK. I did try it once. Years ago. I knew very little about cooking at the time, and followed a recipe in a book. One of the first cookbooks I ever bought for myself. But I didn’t use Arborio rice. (I thought that all rice was interchangeable. BIG lesson learned.) After hours of stirring and simmering and adding more (and then more) stock, the rice was still crunchy. Not creamy. Not satisfying. Not good. Then I discovered Schar’s gluten-free Anellini pasta noodles at a dedicated gluten-free bakery and grocery store in Michigan. The woman working in the shop that day told me her mom prepared the noodles risotto-style. I was inspired, and this was the kind of “risotto” that I made for years. It cooked quickly and was soft, creamy, rich and totally indulged my┬ápasta-holic side. This recipe was a serendipitous discovery. A few weeks ago, I had a roast simmering away in the crockpot. I wanted to make a side dish that was …

bleu cheese biscuits with bacon

bacon, bleu cheese and parsley biscuits

This is what I ate for dinner last night. (And, if we’re being totally honest with each other, I also had one for breakfast. Drizzled with honey, as if there wasn’t enough going on in there already. So. Good.) I didn’t mean to have just biscuits for dinner. I made them to go with a big batch of soup that I’ll share with you later this week. But these biscuits. They’re soft and fluffy and studded with bacon, so hearty and filling all on their own. Growing up, biscuits were not a thing. Pillsbury Grands at large family meals, sure. But for breakfast or brunch, I was always much more fond of plate-sized pancakes or Belgian waffles. Craig, still a Southern boy at heart, is a big fan of biscuits. He tears them into pieces and smothers them in gravy. For years I struggled to craft a good gluten-free biscuit that was fluffy but not gummy, moist but still crumbly in that buttery-flaky kind of way. I’ve lost count of how many batches of dissatisfying, …