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roasted sunchoke soup

roasted sunchoke soup with white beans, labneh and chives

Sometimes, you just need soup. Even with spring on the horizon and a warm blush in the air, we still have rainy, windy, chilly days here in Seattle. Those days are soup days. One late night last week, long after most folks had eaten and were sinking in to watch prime time television, Craig and I were instead standing in the kitchen hovering over this soup, passing spoons and ideas back and forth. He has an incredible palate. His job demands it. I trust his opinion on flavors, balance and texture immeasurably, especially when it comes to creating gluten-free counterparts to common gluten recipes like pies, biscuits and baked goods. So there we stood, warming the soup, and stirring in some garam masala, preserved lemon, and grated ginger. I love this collaboration. Lab…what? Labneh is a strained yogurt, similar to Greek yogurt but even more thick. It’s rich and tangy and balances the warmth and nuttiness of the sunchokes. I found a sheep’s milk variety at the farmers market, but it can easily be substituted …