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Pomelo juice in glass

blood orange & pomelo pale ale shandy

“Hello, Vegas? Yeah. We would like some more alcohol. And you know else? We would like some more beers.” My name is Sara, and I am constantly quoting episodes of FRIENDS. This one isĀ  from “The One in Vegas: Part 2” but really it should be titled, “The One Where Rachel Looks Like Pancho Villa.” Or, “The One Where Rachel Has a Moustache.” Or, “The One with All the Beers.” Or, “The One with Mr. Rachel.” Anyway. I digress. But it’s only because I’m here with more beer. (See what I did there?) I’d say that I saved the best for last, but honestly … I love them all. Every time I tried a new one, or made one again (to photograph or just to enjoy), I’d say “Oh yes, this one is my favorite.” But then I said it for all of them! Truly though, this one is so fun! It’s a great color, has such an interesting flavor, and features one of my new favorite citrus fruits: pomelo. You know (or you should …